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The BTC-Mining-Package BTC 2.0

A BTC-Mining-Package BTC 2.0 from USI-TECH can be purchased for $ 50 in Bitcoin.
Because the packages are paid for in Bitcoin, they do not always cost the same amount. The price depends on the current Bitcoin course. When ordering a package, the displayed price is guaranteed for 10 minutes. Within this 10 minutes the package has to be paid.
For each BTC-Package you pay a one-time Mining license fee of 3%, which is already included in the displayed purchase price.

A BTC-Mining-Package BTC 2.0 generates a daily Return of Capital (ROC) for the partner. The respective return depends on the achieved mining results. It is therefore never distributed more than is actually earned.

The BTC-Package
BTC-Package price
0,00621 BTC (example)
Every day
Return of Capital
Daily payout
according to the achieved mining results

The return is transferred daily to the account balance of the partner. When a return (ROC) of 140% is reached, the maturity of an BTC-Mining-Package ends. After 140 working days, the package expired.

The BTC-Mining-Package BTC 2.0 from USI-TECH are completely transparent.
In addition, the company publishes the available hash rate and the resulting daily mining results. Also, the company's own wallet can be viewed, in which the mining results are booked.

  • Payment is only made in Bitcoin.
  • The account balance can be paid out daily.
  • A fee of 2% will be charged for each payment.
  • The account credit can be used directly to purchase new packages (also available as an option).

The continual purchase of packages creates a "compound interest" effect. Continuous re-purchase will generate higher and higher returns. Depending on your own goals, you can realize a personal residual income.


You also participate in the BTC-Packages when the bitcoin course increases. The current BitCoin course can be found at the bottom right of this website.

Course history Bitcoin - EUR

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